Thematic area 6: Assessment and analysis of motor disorders

Co-ordinator: Paraskevi Giagazoglou, Assistant professor

Our aim is the assessment and analysis of motor disorders of typically developing young children and individuals with disabilities. More specifically, the main purposes are  a) the detection of deviations from the typical development b) The evaluation of the factors that may affect motor ability c) the adaptation of appropriate exercise programs in order to improve the motor performance.

Specific research areas:

  1. Assessment of motor disorders. The aim is the detection of motor  disorders of basic motor skills and motor abilities such as balance, strength, muscle reaction time.
  2. Evaluation of risk factors that can affect motor performance. The aim is to identify the environmental factors that may influence the normal development of the child and trying to chance them in order to improve psychomotor development.
  3. Adaptation of appropriate exercise programs. The aim is the implementation of appropriate exercise programs adapted to the needs of young children or individuals with disabilities.